Welcome to bingo palace!

Bingo Palace is a large, bright bingo hall located in North Regina.  Our professional and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help should you have any questions about our one-hour come and go bingo program.  Play for just one hour or stay all day!

At Bingo Palace, our concession is well equipped to handle all of your cravings. Enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a light snack or home cooked meal while you play bingo.

If you would like to speak to me directly, please call me at 306-924-0747.

Bingo Palace – Where odds are…you might get lucky!

Bingo Palace Manager

Daily Specials & Promos

12:00 – 1:00 p.m. :: Daily :: Noon Hour Only

Superball Jackpot 12:00 – 1:00 PM Daily and 6:00 – 7:00 PM Daily!! Free Superball Book With A Book Or Combo Purchase (Limit 1 Per Player). Cashball Prize is only valid on 3- Up Cashball Books for $3

Please See Calendar For Daily Specials

Callers Schedule


Date Afternoon (12-4PM) Evening (4-8PM) Late Night (8PM-12AM)
13 Charlene Angela Victor
14 Charlene Victor Crystal
15 Charlene Angela Tammy
16 Victor Charlene Crystal
17 Crystal Tammy Charlene
18 Crystal Tammy Charlene
19 Charlene Crystal Victor
20 Charlene Tammy Victor
21 Charlene Tammy Crystal
22 Charlene Victor Angela
23 Charlene Angela Victor
24 Charlene Victor Crystal
25 Crystal Victor Tammy
26 Charlene Angela Tammy
27 Charlene Angela Tammy
28 Charlene Victor Crystal
29 Charlene Victor Angela
30 Angela Charlene Crystal
31 Crystal Tammy Charlene


Charity Schedule

July 2021

July 2021 AFTERNOON (12-6PM) EVENING (6PM-12AM)
1st St Michaels Hockey Regina Z1
2nd Hockey Regina Z4 City Pipe
3rd O.G.A.R. Prairie Sky
4th Dolphins Hockey Regina Z2
5th T & T Adventure Q.C.G.C. Gym
6th Folk Arts Dolphins
7th Hockey Regina Z4 Prairie Sky
8th Gym Adventure City Pipe
9th St Michaels QC Soccer
10th Hockey Regina Z2
11th O.G.A.R. Hockey Regina Z1
12th Gym Adventure Prairie Sky
13th T & T Adventure City Pipe
14th St Michaels QC Soccer
15th Folk Arts Hockey Regina Z4
16th City Pipe Hockey Regina Z1
17th Gym Adventure Dolphins
18th Hockey Regina Z2 City Pipe
19th Folk Arts Hockey Regina Z2
20th Gym Adventure Prairie Sky
21st St Michaels Hockey Regina Z1
22nd T & T Adventure Q.C.G.C. Gym
23rd Folk Arts R.U.D.E.
24th O.G.A.R. Hockey Regina Z2
25th T & T Adventure Prairie Sky
26th City Pipe Hockey Regina Z1
27th T & T Adventure Dolphins
28th Gym Adventure QC Soccer
29th Folk Arts Dolphins
30th City Pipe Hockey Regina Z4
31st O.G.A.R. R.U.D.E.


1 Prairie Sky School H.R. Z1
2 City Pipe Q.C. Soccer
3 Folk Arts H.R. Z2
4 St. Michaels Dolphins
5 T&T Adventure H.R. Z4
6 Gym Adventure Q.C.G.C
7 Elk’s T&T Adventure
8 O.G.A.R. Folk Arts
9 Gym Adventure H.R. Z2
10 Folk Arts
11 City Pipe Dolphins
12 St. Michaels Prairie Sky School
13 T&T Adventure H.R. Z4
14 H.R. Z1 R.U.D.E.
15 O.G.A.R. H.R. Z2
16 Gym Adventure Prairie Sky School
17 City Pipe Dolphins
18 Folk Arts H.R. Z1
19 T&T Adventure Q.C. Soccer
20 St. Michaels R.U.D.E.
21 O.G.A.R. Prairie Sky School
22 H.R. Z1 Dolphins
23 Folk Arts H.R. Z4
24 St. Michaels Q.C.G.C
25 T&T Adventure H.R. Z4
26 City Pipe H.R. Z2
27 Folk Arts Dolphins
28 Gym Adventure R.U.D.E.
29 O.G.A.R. H.R. Z4
30 City Pipe Q.C. Soccer
31 St. Michaels Prairie Sky School


JACKPOTS FOR: July 28, 2021

Cashball & Superball Pots

Cashball $153

Superball Jackpot (Noon hour and 6PM hour) $500 with 3 #’s

Triple Jackpot

Top Card in 60 #s $1000

Middle Card in 55 #s $1000

Bottom Card in 56 #s $1000

Double Action Jackpot

Red Card in 54#s $500

White Card in 54#s $1000


Single Win Bonanza $200 57#s

Double Win Bonanza $400 57#s

Power Hour

Reverse Bonanza in #s Not played until further notice

Nickel Jar Jackpot – #s (Uncircled) Not played Until further Notice

Not played Until further Notice

Nickel Jar Jackpot – #s (Circled) Not played Until further Notice


Easy Money

Alert Top Card Jackpot 60#s for $1000