Welcome To Club West Bingo!

ClubWest Bingo is a large, bright, Come-And-Go style bingo hall located in West Saskatoon.  We offer 1-hour bingo programs throughout the day with our Power Hour Programs from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 7:00 m – 9:00 pm daily.  Our professional and friendly staff are always ready to help should you have any questions about our Come-And-Go or Power Hour programs.

At ClubWest Bingo, our concession is well equipped to handle all of your cravings.  Enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a light snack or home cooked meal while you play bingo.

Bring your friends and your family and join us any day of the week for an action packed, entertaining and exciting experience!

If you would like to speak to me directly, please call me at 306-956-2556.

ClubWest Bingo – Where odds are…you might get lucky!

ClubWest Manager

Daily Specials & Promos


Come & Go Secrect Neighbour Day


Seal event Winners will receivice a entry form for a chance to win 100,000 players reward points


Come & Go Double payout on 6up books


Come * Go Speedo minus 1


Come & Go 9up books all columns pay $25.00


Power Hours: Hit any #on the big board $10.00 Bonus


Power Hours: Free Dabber during power hour

Callers Schedule


Date 12-6 6-12 12-2
1 John Floyd
2 John David David
3 Priscilla Mikayla Mikayla
4 John Crystal
5 John Mikayla
6 John Mikayla
7 Priscilla John
8 David John
9 Priscilla Mikayla Mikayla
10 Priscilla Floyd Floyd
11 John Mikayla
12 John Crystal
13 John Crystal
14 Floyd Mikayla
15 Priscilla Mikayla
16 John Mikayla Mikayla
17 Priscilla Crystal Crystal
18 John Mikayla
19 John Crystal
20 John Crystal
21 Priscilla Mikayla
22 David Mikayla
23 John Crystal Crystal
24 Priscilla Floyd Floyd
25 Priscilla Crystal
26 John Mikayla
27 John Crystal
28 John Mikayla
29 Priscilla Crystal
30 John Mikayla Mikayla
31 Priscilla Floyd Floyd


Charity Schedule


Date 12-6 6-12 12-2
1 Bruno Sports Sask Dist Female Hockey
2 Rotary Club Optimist Twirling Optimist Twirling
3 Sask Wrestlers Taiso Taiso
4 Racing Kayak Rotary Club
5 Ukrainian Catholic Womens League Sask Box Lacrosse
6 Elizabeth Fry Taiso
7 Laser Swim KC#13129
8 Sask Myracles Sask Box Lacrosse
9 Bruno Sports Sask Box Lacrosse Sask Box Lacrosse
10 Navy League of Canada Hub City Optimist Hub City Optimist
11 Sask Wrestlers Bruno Sports
12 Laser Swim Elizabeth Fry
13 Sask Box Lacrosse Optimist Twirling
14 Rotary Club Elizabeth Fry
15 Warman Hockey Elizabeth Fry
16 Sask Myracles Warman Hockey Warman Hockey
17 Spina Bifida Taiso Taiso
18 Sask Junior Huskies Elizabeth Fry
19 Ukrainian Catholic Womens League North Rotary
20 Sask Box Lacrosse Taiso
21 Laser Swim Warman Hockey
22 Rotary Club Sask Dist Female Hockey
23 Sask Myracles Sask Box Lacrosse Sask Box Lacrosse
24 Sask Junior Huskies Taekwondo Taekwondo
25 Sask Junior Huskies Laser Swim
26 Ukrainian Catholic womens League Sask Box Lacrosse
27 Sask Box Lacrosse Bruno Sports
28 Elizabeth Fry Taekwondo
29 Sask Box Lacrosse Sask Dist Female Hockey
30 Ukrainian Catholic Womens League Warman Hockey Warman Hockey
31 Sask Wrestlers Hub City Optimist Hub City Optimist


JACKPOTS FOR: October 24, 2020

Come & Go Programs

Speedo 56#s $100.00

Starburst $50.00

Loonie Pot $63.00

Fireball $25.00

WIld Bonanza – 55#’s $250.00

Bonanza – 48#’s $500.00

Strive for Five $1050.00

Mini Jackpot

Top Card – 57#’s $100.00

Middle Card – 52#’s $200.00

Bottom Card – 53#’s $500.00

Progressive Jackpot

Top Card -56#s $100.00

Middle Card -50#s $200.00

Bottom Card -48#s $1,000.00

Power Hour Programs (1:00-3:00pm and 7:00-9:00pm)

Hotball $70.00

Starburst Power hour Jackpot $400.00

Joker Jackpot $200.00

Power 5 Jackpot $550.00

Superball Jackpot $700.00

Club West Jackpot

Top Card – 58s $100.00

Middle Card – 55#’s $200.00

Bottom Card -53#’s $500.00

Jackie Potts Bonanza

Jackie 1 – 54#’s $150.00

Jackie 2 -53#’s $200.00

Jackie 3 -51#’s $250.00

Jackie 4 – 58#’s $1,000.00