Welcome To Fantasyland Bingo!

Fantasyland Bingo is a cozy come-and-go bingo hall located in East Regina. Our courteous and friendly staff are always ready to welcome you when you drop in to play our 1-hour bingo program. Play for just one hour or stay all day!

At Fantasyland Bingo, our concession is well equipped to handle all of your cravings. Enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a light snack or a full meal while you play bingo.

If you would like to speak to me directly, please call me at (306) 565-0440.

Fantasyland Bingo – Where odds are…you might get lucky!

Fantasyland Bingo Manager 

Daily Specials & Promos

Please check our monthly calendar for daily specials and promotions at Fantasyland Bingo

Callers Schedule


Date Noon – 4pm 4pm – 8pm 8pm – Midnight
24 Lori Connor Mitch
25 Mitch 12-6 Leah 6-12
26 Connor 12-6 Mitch 6-12
27 Leah Suzie Connor
28 Suzie Leah Sherwin
29 Lori Suzie Connor
30 Sherwin Kayden Colin


Charity Schedule


Date NOON – 6:00PM 6:00PM – 12:00AM
24 Y’s Men’s Marlins North Regina Little League
25 Y’s Men’s Marlins Class Act
26 Y’s Men’s Marlins Class Act
27 Y’s Men’s Marlins Class Act
28 Regina Ringette Y’s Men’s Marlins
29 Y’s Men’s Marlins Class Act
30 Y’s Men’s Marlins Y’s Men’s Marlins


JACKPOTS FOR: January 15, 2021


Full card in 55#’s $1,000.00


Top Card in 52#’s $500.00

Middle Card in 53#’s $1,000.00

Bottom Card in 59#’s $500.00


Single Win – Full Card in 58#’s $200.00

Double Win – Full Card in 58#’s $400.00

Daily Double

Full Card in 44#’s $200.00

Standard 5

Played on a 3-Up Book $500.00


Jan 15/2021

Everyone Have A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We can not wait to see you again!